Australia : a country like no other

Photo Australia : a country like no other

Australia is a dream destination, and for good reasons! Just traveling from Europe for example is an adventure in itself. Even though Australia has something to offer to everyone, the whole country seems to have more to offer to young people and those who are passionate about freedom and adventure. So many great reasons to dust off your passport, grab your backpack and head to Australia before you're in your thirties.

Why do you have to go to Australia?

You are 30 years old or younger, you know more or less what you will do next year (actually not really) and in brain's idea compartment, the desire to travel resurfaces very regularly. You do not know it yet but what you need is awaiting somewhere: a dose of exoticism, a lot of sunshine, heavenly beaches, a place for surfboarding and even more to satisfy your curiosity.

  • A relaxed population: Australians are very relaxed and this mentality makes first contacts very easy. There are so many opportunities to practice English even if you are a beginner. It is the ideal way to progress quickly!
  • Exotic without cultural shock: At the other end of the world, Australia has exotic landscapes and modern cities. Everything about your stay there will be very exotic without a hint of cultural shock because it is a country of a Western culture. This makes it an ideal destination for first comers.
  • A taste of adventure: Australia is a country of the new world that represents new opportunities. There is a sense of freedom where anything is possible. Much of the country is still very wild. Traveling to Australia gives you the feeling of going on an adventure!

Unusual spots to discover

  • Blue Lake: A first sight might make one say it is a simple lake but you will discover it is an unusual one. Formed as a result of a volcanic eruption, it is located not far from the town of Mount Gambier. And its water changes color depending on the period of the year and that's what is pretty spectacular! If you go from December to March, the lake will be blue. On the other hand, from April to November, it will be of gray color. This is a very interesting spot to see, especially as the surrounding landscapes are beautiful.
  • The village of Coober Pedy: Due to the extreme heat during the day, the 2,000 or so inhabitants live underground in troglodyte houses. To add an unusual touch to Cobber Pedy, you will see many golf courses without lawn, on which the locals come to exercise only during the night when the temperature has gone down. A very different way of life and a place that we keep in mind.
  • Devil's Marbles Located just over 1,000 kilometers south of Darwin: This site is unique in the world. You will find blocks of round stone as laid in the middle of the desert. Their name "Balls of Hell" was given to them because this training is so unlikely that it is as if someone had placed them here. In fact, the round shape of the rock is a result of the erosion that had happened for several million years.

Traveling without daunting your wallet

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