Discover rare animal species in Australia

Animals in Australia
29.12 2018
Photo Discover rare animal species in Australia

Australia is located in the continent of Oceania. The capital city is Canberra. Australia is famous for its natural wonders and famous landmarks which fascinate thousands of tourists every year.

In addition, it is home to a large variety of animals. It is also endowed with unusual animals like koalas and kangaroos. In fact, the fauna of Australia is composed mainly of mammals and reptiles.

There are a few fish and insect species too. Because of the geographic isolation of Australia, the majority of amphibians in the vast continent is endemic. If you have a passion in discovering rare animal species, the best travel destination is Australia.

Rare animal species in Australia

Australia is an amazing country with a large variety of placental mammals. These species are known as the marsupials. In fact, these mammals will fascinate you with their unique behavior. Female marsupial species raise their young in their pouch.

There are twelve main groups of marsupials, and some of them are extinct. Of all 5 groups of monotremes, 2 are found in Australia. Each species have different diet breeding, behavior, distribution and habitat. 

  • The macropodidae: This species are nearly extinct. There are more than 7 families of Macropodidae, including kangaroos, wallabies and many others. They differ in size and in behavior. They are herbivorous. They feed on grasses and sedges. 
  • The dasyuromorphs: These are carnivorous marsupials, which means they eat meat. There are 5 families of Dasyumorphs in Australia, among which are the quolls and the Tasmanian Devil. All of them are now extinct because larger carnivorous species preyed on them. 
  • The Phalangeriformes : These are arboreal species, which means that they climb on trees.

Australia is also home to other rare species, including the koalas, the wombat. The Koala resembles the wombat in many ways. Other rare species are the Australian monotremes. Two species among the five inhabit Australia, namely the platypus and the short-beaked echidna.

The monotremes are not like other mammals. In fact, they do not give birth, but they lay eggs.

  • The platypus: This mammal with a duck bill and with a beaver tail lays eggs, but does not give birth. The male is venomous to humans. It is nearly extinct. 
  • The echidna: they are characterized by their spines and fur. The Australian echidna has a short beak. They lay eggs to reproduce.

Plan your trip to Australia

Australia is endowed with a rich animal diversity. The most fascinating thing is that many rare animal species inhabit the country. If you specialize in rare animal biodiversity, a trip to Australia will give you a unique opportunity to meet your objectives.

Discovering rare animal species in their natural habitats will impart you with a lot of knowledge of the ecosystem, animal behavior, its breeding, diet and reproduction.

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